Looking Forward

It is customary for a person during this time of year to do some soul searching, make some resolutions , contemplate ones existence as it relates to the life they led, the decisions they have made and what progress was or was not made. Well I'm not going to do that. See I know I am right where God wants me to be, I am not here by accident and I didn't make a mistake and end up here. See it doesn't matter if I should have went left but I went right, doesn't matter if I wasn't supposed to sow into that homeless person and I missed that opportunity and it doesn't matter , see here is where I am and from here is where I will make my next move. See God has a path laid out for me.it is up to me to take it , to trust his word, to live his word to be his word in order for the path to be the fullest, prosperous and splendid path it could be.  Now it isn't a matter of living a saved lifestyle or not, you can live your whole life being holier than thou, know you going to make it in but never receive all the blessings God has for you because you are not working the word. You don't trust your spiritual senses but you let your flesh guide your steps. See God already knows what we are going to do, he lays it all out for us and we see and achieve as much as our faith , the currency of the kingdom , allows.

So .... No... I'm not looking back... I'm hitting the gym for my spirit, doing some spiritual bodybuilding. I'm walking the path with my faith not paying attention to what my senses tell me but living in the spirit. My spiritual view is beautiful and I am loving where I am , looking forward to the steps of the day , week, month and year. Consulting with my counselor , financial advisor and my father on a daily basis. Nothing for me back there, I am looking forward to........

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